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I am writing to you with my sincerest gratitude for the ongoing funding and support of these support Learning units for children who find normal schooling difficult and uncomfortable and the SMYL Campus in Rockingham.

My child who is now 14 has completely changed his behaviors toward schooling and is now showing not only interest in but also achievements and efforts at schooling with his new found educational support.

It has always been hard to get him to attend school in the private and public sector with many days off and severe lack of interest in learning. He is now a completely different student now, He gets himself up and off to school many occasions leaving early to get himself to school via public transport not wanting to miss school at all. Having read his report for the last term he is showing not only interest in his learning but also putting in effort into his learning.

I just want to send a huge thankyou to Smyl but also the Education department for making these places of education available for those not so fortunate with learning difficulties and hope that these centers not only kept open but also expanded as needed to help those who struggle.

Regards a very Greatful Dad"
July 2nd, 2023
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