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Staffing blurb....

Campus Coordinators oversee daily life on campus. They manage their site inline with SMYL CC policies and procedures, and report to the Deputy Principal and Principal.

Our teachers come from many backgrounds and have taught across Australia and the world. We have High School and Primary trained teachers on sites to best accommodate the learning needs of our young people.

Our Education Assistants work side by side with teachers and trainers to enhance the learning of our young people. Qualified and dedicated EAs make a world of difference in the lives of our young people.

Our trainers at SMYL CC are balanced between industry specific professionals and Language, Literacy, and Numeracy trainers. Utilising trainer with varied skillsets allows our young people to access training that best suits their future pathways.

Our Youth Workers support our young people in a range of contexts from daily school life to taking their next step into employment or further training. They utilise their networking skills to put young people in touch with various community organisations.

SMYL CC psychologists see students via referral from staff, facilitate our young people to build strategies to assist with coping skills, and work with external agencies to help our young people outside of the college.

SMYL’s Admin Officers are our front of house support for the entire campus. They are invaluable in keeping the campuses running smoothly.

Certain SMYL CC sites employ cooks to prepare lunches and supplementary foods for our young people. They work to ensure that we can deliver delicious meals to our young people daily.

The College Leadership team are there to support on-the-ground staff and....

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