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Welcome to Crompton Campus

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Crompton Campus is our primary and dedicated Vocational Training site, offering certificate-based courses to assist our students in gaining employment and/or to pursue further study options relating to industry requirements. (Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Full/Part time external study and employment options)

Years 11 - 12 

Courses offered

  • Certificate II in Building and Construction

  • Certificate II Automotive

  • Certificate II in Retail Services

  • Certificate II Hospitality

  • Certificate II Retail Cosmetics (Beauty)

  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant (Hairdressing)

  • Certificate II in Community Services

  • Certificate II in Horticulture

Alongside our Vocational courses, we offer our curriculum (CGEA) in multiple level streams that is purposely designed and incorporated with Project Based Learning . PBL is a student-centred instructional approach that involves the exploration of real-world challenges or problems through the completion of a specific project to enhance realistic conceptual understanding of topics and learning. In PBL at SMYL, our students actively engage in the learning process, working collaboratively to investigate, design, and create a solution or product that addresses the given problem. We use BKSB to establish learning levels and areas of educational uplift required for each individual learner.

School Based Traineeships

We offer SBTs (School Based Traineeships) and individualised work experience opportunities, managed by our dedicated careers team who utilise multiple streams of stakeholders in the employment fields to offer regular workshops, excursions, and incursions for our students.

Staff Support

Each student is supplied with a dedicated Youth Worker and a wraparound support team of dedicated Teachers and Trainers.

We proudly adopt TCI/PBS methodologies at our campus, using a range of trauma informed practices, strategies, and policies to help us understand and support our student body.


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