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SMYL Community College is more than just a school, it’s an inclusive and safe learning community that supports each young person to make positive changes in their lives. We are an independent, non-government  school that is specifically designed to help students develop their personal and social capabilities within an education setting, so that they can fully participate in the workplace and in the community.

The College is an alternative educational provider that:

  • provides hope and opportunity for young people who have disengaged or who are at-risk of disengaging from mainstream education.

  • provides a secure, safe, and supportive environment.

  • offers individualised educational pathways focusing on project-based learning approaches; and

  • empowers young people by giving them the skills, knowledge, and self-belief to be able to make a positive contribution to the community, such as through gaining employment or engaging in further education.


At SMYL we identify, acknowledge, and seek to understand each student’s particular barriers to education. We make significant adjustments to teaching and learning, and provide a range of support services, to meet students’ needs. We employ staff members in a variety of roles, to provide a wrap-around, holistic approach to learning and well-being. In our case management model, every member of staff works in a team to find the right learning pathway for every student and support them in their efforts.

We understand and acknowledge the importance of providing a safe and flexible space where all students can learn, all staff members can contribute positively, and all families can belong. As part of achieving an inclusive and safe learning community we ask our students to accept our College, ‘CARES’ Values and adopt them as guidelines for their interaction with all members of the College community.

As part of our overarching ethos, all SMYL CC staff members are committed to providing an environment that supports trauma-informed practices, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). We are fortunate to have enthusiastic and dedicated staff who strive to provide the best possible educational experience for all our students. We celebrate every success as a team and are committed to assisting students to overcome any barriers that may prevent them from participating in a positive learning experience.

SMYL CC is much more than a school, it is a family committed to improving outcomes for all students. 

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