Welcome to SMYL Community College

SMYL Community College is an Independent, non-government Curriculum and Re-engagement in Education (CARE) school in Rockingham-Kwinana and Mandurah, Western Australia, offering a creative, personalised, co-educational learning program to students in years 9-12.

The College is referral only and caters specifically for students who have disengaged from government secondary schools.

The aim of the College is to provide young people with the opportunity to progress, with all the support they need, along a pathway to employment – to become happy and useful members of society.

SMYL Community College believes that all young people:
• are individuals with their own circumstances, abilities and aspirations in life;
• have the right to receive an appropriate education;
• deserve the opportunity to participate in the workforce.

However, none of this will happen without hard work and commitment on the part of the whole school community. Students will be expected to make a commitment to respectfully participate in all aspects of the life of the College and to make a full effort to learn. Teachers, trainers and student support services and other staff make a commitment to design personalised learning and welfare programs for every student. Parents or guardians make a commitment to show an interest in the learning of their student and to support their progress.

The choice that students and their families have made in joining the community of the College is a BIG one. The College expects a lot of all who come here – students, parents and staff – but the rewards can be life changing.

Welcome to this unique learning community.