Welcome to SMYL Community College

SMYL CC is an Independent, non-government Curriculum and Re-engagement in Education (CARE) school in Rockingham, WA, offering a creative, personalised, co-educational learning program to students in years 9-12.

The College believes that all young people are capable of becoming happy and useful members of society.

The aim of the College is for students to leave at the end of year 12 with a range of choices for their futures linked with their strong understanding of what they enjoy and of their skills and personal qualities. They should be able to support this with documents that demonstrate real learning and a well developed plan for their first step beyond school.

However, none of this happens without hard work and commitment on the part of the whole school community. Students make a commitment to respectfully participate in all aspects of the life of the College and to make a full effort to learn. Teachers and support staff make a commitment to design personalised learning and welfare programs for every student. Parents or guardians make a commitment to show an interest in the learning of their student and to support their progress. The community beyond the school offers work placements and mentoring to enrich the learning of every student.

So, SMYL CC is much more than a “drop in centre”. It is a place of friendships and fun but there is also a real commitment to personal growth and learning.

Students are given the opportunity to complete Australian Curriculum and WACE courses as well as vocationally based training. But what distinguishes SMYL CC from many other schools is that learning starts with each student working with their teacher and family to develop a Personal Learning Plan based on their interests and dreams for the future.

There is a strong sense of purpose at SMYL CC. All aspects of the life of the school are linked through the design principles associated with Big Picture Education (BPE). The philosophy that underpins BPE is one student at a time … in a community of learners and this runs through all aspects of a student’s experience at the College; it effectively describes the what, the why and the how of the program of the College.

The choice that students and their families have made in joining the community of SMYL CC is a BIG one. The College expects a lot of all who sign up to the dream of happy and useful – students, parents and staff- but the rewards can be life changing.

Welcome to this unique learning community.