Coronavirus Information

Updated 23 April 2020

SMYL Community College – Term 2download

SMYL Community College is a non-government (private) school. We have been monitoring and considering the changing advice from the State Government on what schools should be doing in Term 2.

SMYL Community College will be open from Wednesday 29 April 2020 for the children of parents/guardians who choose to send their child to school. However, please note that the first two weeks of term will be different to the rest of term as we now need to adapt to delivering both face to face AND on-line education.

Weeks 1 & 2: in the first two weeks, all our campuses will be open for the children of parents/guardians who choose to send their child to school. All other students may stay at home and continue to undertake home-based learning through work packs or online (where it has already been set-up). Students who attend on campus will be engaged in a variety of educational activities.

Weeks 3 to 10: in the third week, SMYL’s long-term education and training programs will re-launch on every campus. Students who stay at home will be able to participate through on-line and home-based learning. The school will be in contact with parents/guardians to see if they need a computer and/or internet access at home. The school will provide whatever is needed.

COVID-19 Precautions

The College will also be implementing social distancing where ever it can and will make available soaps and sanitisers. All students will have their temperature taken on arrival at school and parents/guardians will asked to collect any student with a temperature of 37.5C or over.

Please Respond

We would like you to let us know by SMS or email if you will be sending your child to school in the first two weeks of term (beginning Wednesday 29 April). This will help us with staffing and resources.