Our Curriculum

Group projects and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) shape the learning experience at SMYL Community College. All students are checked for levels of English and Maths, personal wellbeing and career pathways and placed in a ‘project team’ with other students at a similar educational level and with similar needs. The focus is on developing the literacy, numeracy and social and emotional capabilities of students so that they have the capacity to learn and are ultimately able to function in the workplace and in the community.

There are no traditional year-level classes or subjects, however, embedded in the group projects are:
• English and maths;
• Social-emotional development (socialisation, empathy, resilience, self-image);
• Project/workplace skills (communication, team-work);
• Cultural and ethical understanding of place in the world.

Group projects may be:
• community focused – working off-site with different organisations to achieve a mutually agreed goal;
vocationally focused – such as building tiny houses for homeless people or restoring a boat;
pre-vocational/practical and hands-on – which could be any number of different ideas such as community work, construction, engines, bikes, boats, food preparation, music, art, sport and recreation, etc…

We use:
• Individual Education Plans
• Community/group project based learning
• Literacy and numeracy progress checks
• Personal capability development
• Sport and recreational activities

We aim to foster:
• Positive self-image
• Literacy & numeracy development
• Critical and creative thinking
• Personal and social capability skills
• Intercultural understanding
• Ethical understanding

Curriculum can be characterised in the following way:
• Major projects including community and other types of projects that shape all learning and which may include; working with animals, building and construction, outdoor education, sport, business enterprise, hair & beauty, digital media, food technology and visual arts.
• Individualised learning – driven by Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and wellbeing plans
• Practical hands-on project based learning – including pre-vocational activities
• Maths, English, and other subjects embedded in the major projects
• Social/emotional personal development through tailored group activities
• Certificate I in Leadership
• Sport and recreation activities
• Older students will undertake nationally accredited vocational qualifications in industry areas including Automotive (Marine Engines), Beauty, Business, Construction, Community Services, Horticulture, Hospitality, Retail and Salon Assistant (Hairdressing)