College Principles

The College has four principles. These are what make our College community work and provides each student the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment.

The College is committed to being a child safe, child friendly and empowering organisation. In everything we do we seek to protect young people.

When students enrol at SMYL Community College they agree to:
1. Demonstrate respect;
2. Participate;
3. Make a concerted effort to learn; and
4. Be safe and legal.

1. Demonstrate respect
Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, opinions and feelings and students at SMYL Community College must be prepared to consider the rights and views of others (e.g. staff and students) and should:
• support other students;
• stand up against put-downs, gossip and bullying;
• resolve conflicts without using or threatening violence;
• maintain a respectful relationship with staff and other students that does not include harassment, abuse (whether sexual, verbal or physical) or any unwanted or inappropriate physical contact or sexual advances or suggestions;
• use appropriate language;
• use earphones when playing music that is likely to offend others;
• help other students to stay safe;
• avoid talking about alcohol, drug use and violence in ways that may encourage others to take these risks;
• consider the rights of others to be smoke free; and
• dress safely.

Students and staff have the right to work in an environment that is safe, attractive and functional, i.e. students look after the College’s:
• buildings; and
• furniture, equipment and vehicles.

2. Participate
Students at SMYL Community College know that to be successful at school they need to:
• attend school;
• remain at school for the entire school day;
• join all aspects of the programs at school, eg electives, excursions, classroom activities, work experience and training.

3. Make a concerted effort to learn
Students know that they are attending school to learn so they should:
• come to school ready to learn, that is;
 3.willing and able to focus
• remain in the classroom;
• follow instructions from their teachers;
• seek help and advice when necessary;
• participate positively in class discussions;
• work positively with others.

4. Be safe and legal
Everyone has the right to feel safe and valued at SMYL Community College. Students are expected to:
• follow the user agreements for mobile phones, computers and other IT;
• follow workplace safety and health guidelines;
• behave safely in College vehicles;
• come to school and all school activities free from the influence of drugs including alcohol and tobacco;
• attend school and all school activities without bringing drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, or weapons;
• not break the law whether on or off campus;
• contact a member of staff if you, or another student, are not feeling safe due to:
1. personal mental health reasons; or
2. unwanted or inappropriate physical contact or sexual advances or suggestions from someone (whether a member of staff, a parent/guardian or a student) at the school.