College Aims


To alleviate distress and build capacity within people and communities through education and training.


To provide an inclusive and supportive learning community that offers an alternative approach to education and training for young people aged 14 to 17 years of age who are at risk of missing out on opportunities due to their home life, health and other issues. Young people will be provided with the opportunity to progress, with all the support they need, along a pathway to employment.


SMYL Community College believes that all young people:
• are individuals with their own circumstances, abilities and aspirations in life;
• have the right to receive an appropriate education;
• deserve the opportunity to participate in the workforce.


The goals of SMYL Community College are to:
1. To create a supportive team approach to learning that includes students, parents/guardians, teachers, education specialists, mentors, youth workers and psychologists.
2. To deliver project-based hands-on education and training in a dynamic school environment that includes high levels of activity and enterprise/workshop based learning;
3. To foster self-confidence, motivation and personal social skills in young people to enable them to progress to further education, training and employment;
4. To provide a clear pathway to further education, training and employment;
5. To provide direct opportunities for employment experience and career development;
To develop an understanding and practice of personal responsibility & respect.