Board and Staff

Board and Staff
SMYL Community College is an independently registered, not for profit company, established for the purpose of providing education, training and personal development for school students who need a new opportunity to grow and succeed.

The Board of Management
The Board is chaired by a former school Principal, now businessman, and includes many senior professionals from education, training and business backgrounds. All Board members have experience in and are committed to working to alleviate disadvantage and distress within Western Australia’s diverse communities.

The Board and the school is governed by a registered constitution that has been assessed and approved by Western Australian and Australian Government agencies – including the school registration authority in Western Australia, the Department of Education Services.

SMYL staff
Staff come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad range of skills. But they have one thing in common – they all bring a mountain of enthusiasm and energy to their job! The College currently employs approximately 80 staff and is still growing.

Teaching and Learning
The teaching and learning team includes registered teachers, qualified trainers in vocational education and training, specialist literacy/numeracy staff, curriculum specialists, education assistants, VET coordinators and career counsellors. The team is led by the Head of Teaching and Learning.

Student Support Services
The focus of the College is on the individual student and how best to engage them and change behavioural issues so that they can learn. The student support services team has been created to centralise and focus the College’s efforts to keep students engaged and provide a formal and professional structure for providing behavioural and mental health intervention. The team is led by a senior clinical psychologist (Head of Student Support Services) who oversees another clinical psychologist, four registered psychologists, youth workers, re-engagement officers, aboriginal support workers and a counsellor. Teachers and trainers are a key part of the support team’s processes and receive ongoing professional development in a range of skills that enable them to identify and respond to behavioural and mental health issues in the classroom.

Corporate Services
The corporate services team is responsible for making sure the administration of the school runs smoothly. They coordinate enrolments, attendance, purchasing, IT, buildings and maintenance and make sure that all the information required by government departments is provided accurately and on time. The team is also the public face of the College and includes our receptionists and administration officers. The team is led by the Head of Corporate Services.

The Heads of Teaching and Learning, Student Support Services and Corporate Services are part of a leadership team and report to the Deputy Director and Director of the College. The leadership team includes senior staff that provide support for HR, finance, policies and planning.