Coronavirus Information

Information on COVID-19 Updated 1 April 2020 download

On 26 March 2020 the State government announced a new policy for schools. For SMYL Community College this means:
• Week beginning Monday 30 March 2020: students will be asked to stay at home – except for the children of frontline emergency workers or ‘vulnerable’ students. The week will be a week for on campus education during which teachers are required to deliver face to face learning and develop online resources.
• Week beginning Monday 6 April 2020: schools will be open for the children of frontline emergency workers, or ‘vulnerable’ students (who will be determined on a case by case basis), however, schools will only be open for the supervision of children, not for education. The week will be for schools to change to online and home-based learning.
• Term Break Friday 10 April – Friday24 April 2020: the last day of term remains Thursday 9 April. Schools will have the scheduled two week term break.

It is expected that the situation will be reviewed by the government at some point before the end of the term break and SMYL will inform staff, students and parents/guardians what will be happening in Term 2.

It is not known how long this arrangement will continue, however, both the Premier and the Prime Minister have previously said that it could be for six months or more.