Board and Staff

SMYL Community College is an independently registered, not for profit company, established for the purpose of providing education, training and personal development for school students who need a new opportunity to grow and succeed.

The Board of Management has a former school Principal, now businessman, as Chair and includes a broad cross-section of professional people from a variety of backgrounds.  All Board members have experience in and are committed to working to alleviate disadvantage and distress within Western Australia’s diverse communities.

The Board and the school is governed by a registered constitution that has been assessed and approved by Western Australian and Australian Government agencies – including the school registration authority in Western Australia, the Department of Education Services.

The Board has set a goal for the school to work in collaboration and partnership with local schools, businesses and youth & family service providers.  The Board has approved the school establishing a formal working partnership with education leaders from the ‘Peel Area Curriculum & Teaching’ (PACT) group of schools.

SMYL College staff – come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad range of skills.  But they have one thing in common – they all bring a mountain of enthusiasm and energy to their job!  The College employs 6 registered teachers, specialist literacy/numeracy assistants, vocational education experts and a youth counsellor as well as a Registrar and Principal.  We also contract support services from our sister organisation, SMYL Community Services for education compliance and curriculum, human resources and accounts.

In addition to their professional expertise, staff also bring their personal skills and interests to the College, covering sports, environmental studies, music and drama, art, crafts and workshops, food preparation and volunteerism.